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Who We Are
"Leadership First, with a Spirit of Excellence!"
Leadership Shapers Institute (LSI) is an organization committed to the personal growth and development of leaders everywhere. Each month leadership strategist, Keith Craft motivates and equips leaders to lead more effectively.

Why We're Here 
"Whatever you do is always secondary to who you are becoming."

About Keith
Keith Craft's personal Mission Statement is to be a loving leader, motivator and mentor. During the past 20 years, Keith has traveled extensively throughout the United States as a motivational speaker. As president of a non-profit corporation, he has shared the platform with former presidents and world leaders, such as Bill Clinton, George Bush, Michael Gorbachev and Margaret Thatcher. His life passion is to equip leaders to effectuate positive change in a changing world. Keith is married to his high school sweetheart, Sheila, and they have 3 beautiful children.

I want to personally challenge you this month . . .
to reach toward a Spirit of Excellence in Leadership, both personally and professionally. As we seek to be a resource for leaders, on a Relational level, our goal is to establish the following Core Values: 

  • Value Relationships
  • Value Excellence
  • Value Growth
  • Value Collaboration
  • Value Servant-Leadership 

Keith Craft
Keith Craft
Leadership Strategist
Motivator & Mentor